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Cybercore Mousepad Collection

Cybercore Mousepad Collection

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Our brand new Cybercore Mousepad Collection is inspired by this emerging internet aesthetic based on futurism, mechas, cyborgs, old internet and more. This new collection will feature multiple designs in cool tones like grey, blue and white. This XL deskmat is a must-have for kawaii gamers and cozy gamers alike who love a blue clean desk setup aesthetic.

🌐 Size: Medium - 70 cm x 30 cm / Large - 80 cm x 40 cm

💙 Non-slip and completely washable so don’t worry if you spill any liquids!

🌐 Perfect for long hours of gaming sessions and work.

💙 It helps your hand and mouse move smoothly with a soft and comfy sensation

🌐 It offers enough support for your all peripherals

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